A simple way to keep track of which Lensbaby you shot with

One downside of the Lensbabies is the lack of EXIF data to keep track of what you shot with. It can be frustrating to try and figure out later, especially if you’ve been shooting with similar Babies. I never have a hard time telling my Circular Fisheye from my Twist 60 optic, but when I take out my Velvet 56 and my Velvet 85, that’s a bit trickier!

I generally take no more than 3 Lensbabies out when I go to shoot. Each time I change lenses or swap optics, I shoot a frame of my hand doing the ASL sign for the letter of the lens or optic. I learned to finger spell in high school when I had a Deaf friend, so it was pretty simple for me to start using it here. If you’re unfamiliar with it, you can learn the signs for the letters of the alphabet here.

If I have two Lensbabies with the same letter (like both of my Velvets, or a couple of Sweets) I will instead use the sign for the first number in the focal length.

When I get home, I import my images into Lightroom and add keywords for the optics to the images using the spraypaint tool. From that day on I can look at the keywords and see which optic it was taken with. Once the keywording is done, I delete the images of my hands.

There’s no sound, just screen cap.
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