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So I find this really funny: Every year, there is a “Dance Your PhD” competition, where people record dance videos explaining their dissertation.

Here’s a very niche wedding business I had never heard of before!

Some gorgeous drone photos of colors, line and shape in the Earth’s geography.

Turns out you can scientifically prove that Kansas is, indeed, flatter than a pancake.

This race is my kinda race, and I seriously admire the way the fundraiser appealed to a whole new demographic!

Monthly-ish Miscellanea

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Anyone want to pay me to travel and take photos with your stuffed animal? I promise good pictures!

Speaking of photos…One of mine was featured by Lensbaby this month!

The comedy wildlife photography competition always makes me laugh!

And I always love seeing the amazing work in the National Geographic contest, too.

I have a hard time imagining this will ever be a practical method for making furniture, but I am fascinated by this chair farmer.

Monthly-ish Miscellanea

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A whole beach disappears after a storm. And decades later, a single storm brings it back!

Another beachy story: This man draws labyrinths on the Oregon shore. This video was shot at a beach where I took some photos that now hang in my living room!

Who knew? The very first picture ever sent by phone was birth photography!

I’m no chemist (that’s for sure!) but I truly can appreciate the beauty in these videos of chemical reactions.

I love this sweet story about the town of Providence, RI and the daily ritual they have going with the local children’s hospital.


Monthly-ish Miscellanea

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The logistics of planning a wedding like this would totally overwhelm me, but the photos are really amazing!

It doesn’t take much to bring people together, and good things can happen.

An interesting look behind the scenes at Saturday night Live – who knew that costuming was so much work?

Why it matters that we not pass along those “human traffickers followed me around the store” stories. How false narratives hurt real trafficking victims

I’ve seen for myself the damage done by this kind of destructive behavior. It’s sad.

Monthly-ish Miscellanea

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Science is cool. Science is fascinating. And Science is Beautiful, too!

I love the ocean. I love photography. And so it’s only natural that I loved seeing these Underwater Images of the Year

I love Google Maps, and this is a really cool use of it. Definitely one I don’t have the patience and time to do myself.

A sample of things from the National Parks and Monuments in my state. I enjoy exploring, and have been to nearly all of these sites!

When our kiddoes were small, we used to camp and play in the mud flats at the south end of this lake (right side of the photo)

Monthly-ish Miscellanea

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I think I liked Piper, the short Pixar film that was shown with Finding Dory, better than I liked the main attraction. It’s wonderful storytelling without a word, and beautiful!

I have been pretty skeptical of all the SUPERMOON hype, but I like how this photographer put it into perspective so you can really see what the difference is.

I want to go see this! University of Utah Roots of Knowledge Mural. It’s stained glass and looks lovely!

And finally, I knew I loved the Oregon Coast, and there is plenty of that here, but this amazing aerial video makes me want to explore the forests and waterfalls there as well!

Monthly-ish Miscellanea

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This is such a fun street art project!

These finalists in the Comedy Wildlife Photography Contest are pretty funny, and some are pretty amazing as well!

This photo series is clever and made me laugh. I’m the mom who worries about her adult kids now!

It’s so fascinating to me to see how prehistoric geology might still be influencing politics today.

Some video footage of animals that are now extinct. Your only chance to see them now.

It’s a bit eerie to have empty space suits but no humans in it (except for a hand reaching into the frame!) but this HD fisheye tour of the International Space Station is pretty cool. There’s no narration, but if you read the scrolling info on the top left it will explain stuff. For some reason, I loved that there were so many fingerprints on the windows. I think that would be me. Glued to the windows! (And they have some awesome camera gear up there!)

Monthly-ish Miscellanea

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This is definitely a street I wouldn’t want to drive on in a snow storm!

I’m a huge fan of the National Parks, and I completely agree with this: The Park Service doesn’t need corporate sponsorships, it needs proper funding.

An interesting place I’d like to explore – with my camera – someday! The Pirate Cemetery of Madagascar

Such an interesting look at the crossroads of design and psychology!

An amazing aerial photograph of a thunderstorm at night!

Loved this. I think more listening and trying to understand other viewpoints is a good thing. Far better than digging in your heels and being decisive!

A very interesting article on a chapter in American history I’d not ever heard of. The Maroons of the Great Dismal Swamp.

Monthly-ish Miscellanea

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A powerful piece of writing from a good friend of mine. She’s been doing a lot of family history work in the last few years, and she shares her thoughts on Loving My Roots.

I grew up in the 70s, so this amuses me so very much. If 70s Moms Had Blogs

Amen! Excuse Me While I Lather My Child in this Toxic Death Cream

I find brain science fascinating and really liked this way of thinking about the autism spectrum and the individuality that is the experience of those with autism. And honestly, all of us!

And finally, someday I aspire to be a Thought Leader like this guy.

Monthly-ish Miscellanea

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It’s a totally geeky thing, I know. But I love web cams, I love the ocean and I love science. So when I see that this site is live streaming a deep sea dive into the Marianas Trench, I like to watch!

The Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park is an engineering marvel all on it’s own. But every spring, when I see the pictures of what it takes to plow out the road, I’m boggled!

An interesting story about a photographer who enjoys shooting abandoned places. In one of his favorite locations in northern Japan, he found 100 year old photos of the family who lived there. (So old they are on glass plates instead of paper!) He digitally combined some of them with a then and now look. Very interesting!

Enlightening article on MLM sales and why they are so appealing to women.