Monthly Project: More Lensbaby Fisheye!

I tried to move on to a new monthly project for August and September, I really did. But I was loving the fisheye so much I kept shooting with it!

As promised, more from my trip to California:

And on a trip to Utah State University, where I had time to wander around campus while my daughter interviewed for jobs. (She got one!)

But never fear, I promise I won’t be shooting fisheye forever. I spent the whole day yesterday starting my next creativity project, and it’s not fisheye!

Lensbaby Circular Fisheye

It’s an unconventional lens for sure (all the Lensbabies are!) but I really enjoy my Lensbaby Circular Fisheye. In my efforts to get out and shoot more, I have decided to choose a lens and focus on that lens for a month. In July, I have been taking my CFE out at least twice a week and have learned a lot about shooting with it!
Here are some recent favorites with this lens:

I took it downtown:

And to the aquarium:

And even on a short trip to California!

I haven’t finished editing the pictures from the California trip, so I may add another post with more of those at some point.

I have learned a lot this month! Would anyone like any tips for shooting with the Lensbaby Circular Fisheye?

And finally, one of my older fisheye images made it into the Lensbaby University video on that lens!



Lensbaby Heart | Yellowstone Winter

I just returned from a great trip to Yellowstone with my oldest daughter. There will be many more photos from the trip, I’m sure, but today I’m featuring some of my Lensbaby work from the trip. I took with me the Composer Pro II and the Edge 50. Sometimes playing with flare, sometimes macro, sometimes a miniature effect. All very fun!

After you’ve looked and enjoyed, please follow the circle around to Janet Douglas.

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A new year with my Lensbaby Heart group!

Happy New Year!
I love shooting with my Lensbaby, and once a month several of my photographer friends and I share what we’ve been working on. I took a few minutes in single digit temps (and we’re talking Fahrenheit, so well below freezing!) shooting some lovely icicles at sunset. I love the slice of focus and flare that I can get with the Edge 50!
Enjoy these images, then follow the circle around to Janet Douglas to see her lovely work!