Lensbaby Heart | Yellowstone Winter

I just returned from a great trip to Yellowstone with my oldest daughter. There will be many more photos from the trip, I’m sure, but today I’m featuring some of my Lensbaby work from the trip. I took with me the Composer Pro II and the Edge 50. Sometimes playing with flare, sometimes macro, sometimes a miniature effect. All very fun!

After you’ve looked and enjoyed, please follow the circle around to Janet Douglas.

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A new year with my Lensbaby Heart group!

Happy New Year!
I love shooting with my Lensbaby, and once a month several of my photographer friends and I share what we’ve been working on. I took a few minutes in single digit temps (and we’re talking Fahrenheit, so well below freezing!) shooting some lovely icicles at sunset. I love the slice of focus and flare that I can get with the Edge 50!
Enjoy these images, then follow the circle around to Janet Douglas to see her lovely work!

Lensbaby Variety at the McPolin Farm

It’s October, and fall is upon us here in Utah. Last week I took a day and drove up to the McPolin Farm in Park City to shoot the white barn. This barn was built in 1908 from lumber recycled from mining in the area, and was constructed *without* the use of nails – the timbers were just fitted tightly together! Still standing 100+ years later.
This month I took all my Lensbabies (except the Sweet 35 I left at home…) and tried to take as many different shots of the barn as I could with them. It was even more of a challenge because there were work crews I tried to keep out of the images!