A new year with my Lensbaby Heart group!

Happy New Year!
I love shooting with my Lensbaby, and once a month several of my photographer friends and I share what we’ve been working on. I took a few minutes in single digit temps (and we’re talking Fahrenheit, so well below freezing!) shooting some lovely icicles at sunset. I love the slice of focus and flare that I can get with the Edge 50!
Enjoy these images, then follow the circle around to Janet Douglas to see her lovely work!

Lensbaby Variety at the McPolin Farm

It’s October, and fall is upon us here in Utah. Last week I took a day and drove up to the McPolin Farm in Park City to shoot the white barn. This barn was built in 1908 from lumber recycled from mining in the area, and was constructed *without* the use of nails – the timbers were just fitted tightly together! Still standing 100+ years later.
This month I took all my Lensbabies (except the Sweet 35 I left at home…) and tried to take as many different shots of the barn as I could with them. It was even more of a challenge because there were work crews I tried to keep out of the images!

My new Lensbaby: Velvet 56

I got my hands on a Lensbaby Velvet 56 this month. Took it out to a local garden to play with it one morning when the insects were out checking out the flowers. I feel like I’m still on the learning curve for sure, but so far I’m liking what I’m getting. It’s designed to give images a velvety softness, even haloes, when shooting wide open, and much more sharpness when stopped down. I tried both ways. Not sure I loved the haloes on all the photos, but I did love the softness. The out of focus bokeh was fun to play with, too, and since the sprinklers were on in some areas, I had lots of opportunity!

Lensbaby Edge 80, Wildflowers and Sunflare

With one kid at Driver’s Ed, and one kid off to a week of camp (and one working at Yellowstone this summer) I took off for a morning of shooting the wildflowers in Albion Basin. This is an area of Alta Ski Resort where every summer the flowers are incredible. It’s less than 30 minutes from my house, so I aim to take a few trips up there every year in wildflower season. My first trip this year was marred by a certain teenager who didn’t want to be there and was making it hard for everyone, so this solo trip was just what I needed.
I took my Edge 80 on my composer pro, and my goal was to master using flare creatively. It was far harder than I’d imagined, and I ended up with a headache, but I do love the images I got!