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Evaluation Revisions: St Mark’s Hospital classes

Several years ago, I saw a need for better evaluation of the childbirth education classes. The previous evaluations were little more than smile sheets and did not adequately address the effectiveness of the classes.

Since the classes are designed to prepare families for labor and birth and the evaluations are done at the conclusion of the class, it wasn’t possible to do any evaluation at levels 3 or 4 of Kirkpatrick. Most of the questions were Level 1.

My recommendations on improving the evaluations were:

  • Either add a question asking what kind of class was being evaluated, or create unique evaluations of the three main types of classes. This way the data could be examined by which class the students were evaluating.
  • Change the question asking the date class started (which often was more than a month previous!) to the date the evaluation was filled out. This allowed us to more clearly identify the class and instructor associated with the evaluation.
  • Ask each individual to complete an evaluation and ask if the person completing the evaluation was a pregnant person or a support person/partner. Current evaluations did not specify, and some instructors were having each person do an evaluation and others were having each couple do do one from either of them. This allows us to see if our classes are meeting the needs of all attendees.
  • Add more Level 2 questions, and rewrite the questions to use a Likert scale rather than a yes/no. For select questions, ask then to rate before and after the class to be able to capture change.
  • Add checkboxes for questions that were currently open ended
  • Administer the evaluations electronically for easier aggregation of the results.

After several rounds of revisions from hospital administration and a graphic design update, all but the last of my suggestions were implemented within a few months of my suggestions. In the end we opted for three different evaluation forms, one for each of the three types of classes taught at the hospital. The revised paper evaluations are attached below. In early 2020, the evaluations moved to an online survey that uses the same questions.

Childbirth Preparation Evaluation Thumbnail

Childbirth Prep Class Evaluation

Natural Childbirth Evaluation Thumbnail

Natural Childbirth Class Evaluation

HypnoBirthing Evaluation Thumbnail

HypnoBirthing Class Evaluation

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