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I shared this same contest last year, but there are some great entries this year too. The Comedy Wildlife Photo Contest

Loved this animation of the geological history of where I live. I see the remnants of the various shorelines every single day! In this photo, you can see the Bonneville shoreline cross the mountains on the right hand side of the photo. It now slopes upward, probably as a result of the shift in the Earth’s crust mentioned. It’s now a hiking trail. My home stands on the edge of what was a peninsula on the Stansbury shoreline. As I drive to and from my daughter’s school each day, there are slopes and plateaus at each shoreline.

Two interesting short films that use satellite images of the Earth to make some interesting visuals. Arena and Epoch

If you’ve ever argued with someone about whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich, you might really enjoy learning about the Cube Rule of food.

An advice column from Mother Goose that I found entertaining.

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