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Monthly-ish Miscellanea

This is such a fun street art project!

These finalists in the Comedy Wildlife Photography Contest are pretty funny, and some are pretty amazing as well!

This photo series is clever and made me laugh. I’m the mom who worries about her adult kids now!

It’s so fascinating to me to see how prehistoric geology might still be influencing politics today.

Some video footage of animals that are now extinct. Your only chance to see them now.

It’s a bit eerie to have empty space suits but no humans in it (except for a hand reaching into the frame!) but this HD fisheye tour of the International Space Station is pretty cool. There’s no narration, but if you read the scrolling info on the top left it will explain stuff. For some reason, I loved that there were so many fingerprints on the windows. I think that would be me. Glued to the windows! (And they have some awesome camera gear up there!)

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