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Monthly-ish Miscellanea

A random and unplanned collection of stuff I find interesting or thought provoking. I’ll try to post monthly, but we’ll see how that goes.

I love the images of what happens when the light is just perfect.

I agree wholeheartedly with this article on raising teens. I love my teens, most days. I wrote on my doula blog about how doula work is like raising teenagers, as well.

One of my favorite unwinding games: Geoguessr I enjoy the puzzle to figure out and the ability to see all over the world.

I love the ocean, I love birth, so of course I loved this video of a sea otter giving birth. Call me weird, but I’d love to see the uncut version that shows the placenta, too.

My daughter showed me this, very interesting! Proof of Evolution in Modern Humans Most interesting to me was the palmaris muscle. I don’t have it, my husband does. One daughter does, one daughter doesn’t, and one daughter has it in one arm but not the other!

The rock balancing is cool, but so is the photography! Gravity Glue

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