Lensbaby Twist at the Aquarium

Took my Lensbaby Twist to the Living Planet Aquarium near my house for some practice shooting. Turns out that my recent change in eyeglasses is making it really hard to manual focus, and add in fast moving animals and it was quite the challenge! I’m honestly amazed I got as many keepers as I did!

Lensbaby Twist 60

It occurs to me that I haven’t yet posted any images from the Lensbaby Twist that I have had for over a year now! It’s a fun lens that creates a swirly bokeh effect in the background. I’ve been using it for nature work: And for a few portraits:

2016 On Stage

Started out with these in the “”Year in Review” post but there were SO MANY I made them their own post! In the Spring, Callie was in Jordan High’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream. She played the leader of the band of actors, and she did a great job: Later in the year, she appeared …

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