Pinehurst Primary

Holding HandsPrimary Presidency Contact Information:

Andrea Lythgoe
801-523-8344 (h)
801-231-7895 (c)

First Counselor:
Melanie Wilde
(whatever contact info you want posted)

Second Counselor:
Erika Munson
(Whatever contact info you want posted)

Andrea Morgenegg
(Whatever contact info you want posted)

Upcoming dates to remember:

June 12 Stake Conference
August 1-2 Activity Days Day Camp
September 24 10-Noon Primary Program Practice and Pizza Party
September 25 Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation

Primary Program Music: Singing Time

You can download the 2016 Primary Program Music as one big zip file HERE. Please have your children listen to the music regularly. The songs we will be singing are:

  • If I Listen With My Heart
  • I Will Follow God’s Plan (164)
  • Stand for Right (159)
  • To Think About Jesus (71)
  • Praise to the Man (Hymn 71) Verses 1 & 3
  • I Love to See the Temple (95)
  • The Lord Gave Me a Temple (153)
  • Father, I Will Reverent Be (29)
  • We’ll Bring the World His Truth (172)
  • Called to Serve (CS 174)
  • Holding Hands Around the World

All of the songs are available for download individually on if you prefer to do that.

Scripture Reading Program: scriptures
Children can earn a scripture page each week by completing at least one of the following activities:

Family scripture reading
Individual scripture reading
Memorizing a Scripture
Reading the Sharing Time scriptures
Reading a scripture story book
Sharing a scripture story with a family member

To let us know that your child has completed a scripture activity during the week, you can fill out the form below or simply email the primary secretary:

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