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Geyser Gifts – employee training project

Foundational cashier training for a fictional gift shop in a national park. Employees would already be trained in the basics and have a few weeks experience helping customers on the floor. This training gives them the basics of cashier work and prepares them for the hands on training at the register.

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Illustration of blood cells and viruses within a blood vessel

Blood Bourne Pathogens Training

This project is for an organization in Wisconsin that provides residential services in small settings to individuals with disabilities, including Adult Family Homes, Supported Apartments, Supportive Home Care, Mentoring, Adult Daily Living Skills Training and Respite. Their employees do not provide medical care, but still come in contact with blood and bodily fluids on occasion.

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Breast pump parts in dishwasher

Breast Milk Donor Training

This is the completed training for the fictional Human Kindness Milk Bank. I previously posted the storyboard for this project. Designed in Storyline, intended as a new donor training and reference for current donors.

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Childbirth Class

Evaluation Revisions: St Mark’s Hospital classes

Several years ago, I saw a need for better evaluation of the childbirth education classes. The previous evaluations were little more than smile sheets and did not adequately address the effectiveness of the classes. Since the classes are designed to prepare families for labor and birth and the evaluations are done at the conclusion of

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Laborade Recipe Generator

Laborade is a popular drink to make as an electrolyte drink for labor and delivery. There are many different ways to make it, and this activity goes over the different options and creates a customized recipe for the user.

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Understanding Research Training

Client: Pampered Birth (my own company)Project: One day instructor led training for birth professionals on how to find, evaluate and read research studies. Approved for 6.5 CEUs from the International Childbirth Education Association. Facilitator’s Guide: Powerpoint:

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Childbirth Education for Midwives

Client: Midwives College of UtahProject: One day in-person session as part of their student conference. SOSC 2030 is an elective course for student midwives that gives then the information and tools they need to add childbirth education as a service in their midwifery practice. This one day training is presented annually as part of the

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WebEx Job Aid

Client: St Mark’s HospitalProject: WebEx Job Aid Created just as the Covid-19 shutdown happened, this job aid and a two hour training session was created to enable all of the hospital’s community education classes to move to an online format using WebEx Meetings.

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Branching Scenario: Did my water just break?

Client: Birth Class Online (my own childbirth education company) Objective: Students will practice decision making about what to do if they suspect their water has broken. Methods: Drafted in Twine. Created in Powerpoint, published to HTML5 with Storyline

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Infographic: Steps to Become a Milk Donor

Client: Human Kindness Milk Bank Objective: Potential donors will be able to follow the steps to become a milk donor. Methods: Created in Photoshop. A quick view flowchart of the steps to become a milk donor. This will be shared on the milk bank web site and printed as material to hand out at health

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Decision Cards Activity

Client: Birth Connected (my own online childbirth class company) Activity Objective: Families will start thinking about prioritizing the choices on their birth plan to narrow down what is most important to them. Video Objective: To walk students through completing the exercise on their own. Methods: Filmed with the iPhone, edited with Camtasia.

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