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You may print and use these handouts in your courses without charge. Please do not edit, alter, or label them as your own. You must keep my copyright notice on each one printed. Please honor this, as it is the only compensation I ask in return for free use of my work.

Birth Planning Handouts
Free Doula Business Helps

    My Ideal Birth Worksheet for pregnant women and their partners to start thinking about what their Ideal Birth would look like. This can be a step towards writing and implementing a birth plan.
    Birth Planning Worksheets Set of worksheets for organizing thoughts about various aspects of the birth. Can be a tool for writing a formal birth plan, or can serve as the birth plan itself if parents prefer a more casual approach.

Other Handouts

    A Closer Look at Research Gives a list of questions readers can ask to help them evaluate the validity of health information they read.

    You Can Do It! sign for the labor room. A parody of a “Partners Against Pain” sign seen in another hospital, reframed with a positive message for moms. Sized to print at 11X14.

Useful Free Stuff

    2016 Excel Spreadsheet Excel spreadsheet to keep track of income and expenses for your doula business. Uses the 2014 IRS (United States) mileage reimbursement formulas. Read this article to learn more about how I like to use this spreadsheet.
    Doula Price Calculator – Excel Version Sheet one is a blank spreadsheet that will automatically calculate your price when you enter in your expenses, desired income, and projected number of clients. The green squares automatically fill in based on the information you provide. Sheet two is an example of the calculator filled out.
    Doula Price Calculator – Printable Version of the pricing calculator you can fill in yourself.